• Safe Harbor Discovery experts provide a team approach and will help you complete your  discovery obligations.  From Lit hold through production and expert testimony, SHD will compliment your team.  
    Team Approach
  • “An excellent collaborator on innovative and creative solutions to client technology problems, Steve and his company have a vast network of resources available to help meet the varying needs of my clients. I would highly recommend him for future projects.”  
    Founder/President, Cire Networking, LLC
  • “Steve defines the word "expert" in the field of computers & technology. He was always on the cutting edge of technology, and therefore possesses a deep knowledge & skill set that stands out among all of his peers. I have known Steve for over 20 years, and you cannot find a more personable individual who truly cares about his clients and the results delivered by his company." Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value
    Michael Warshaw, Esq.

Safe Harbor Discovery, LLC.

Safe Harbor Discovery, LLC. was founded by a team of attorneys and technical engineers to provide consulting and electronic evidence support services to corporations, individuals, and legal professionals. Whether you are the subject of a litigation hold or you are collecting electronic evidence for review or production -- Safe Harbor Discovery professionals can assist.

The first thing you will notice is that we surround our technology platform with communication and education. Unlike other providers that offer only staffing or technology tools, we provide a complete turn-key solution. We can also leverage your existing technology and staff to accomplish your goals. Our services range from consultation regarding the location of electronic evidence (also known as Data mapping) to actual collection, culling, and production.

We provide services through out the United States and abroad. Safe Harbor Discovery professionals have provided services at all levels of the judicial system. We are also able to act as a trusted collection resource and allocate fees to both parties. All consultations are confidential. In addition to large scale national projects, Safe Harbor Discovery has a dedicated team to work with small and medium sized firms! Call us at 410.547.8596 or email us at Inquiry@ for more information.

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Speak with one of our Case Assessment Experts to discuss your e-discovery strategy and potential needs. http://www.safeharbordiscovery.com

Litigation Hold

Time moves on, but your data can't. Don't risk a spoliation finding! We help manage the litigation hold from identification of custodians/stake holders, writing memorandums, and conducting surveys.

Data Map & Collect

Locating data requires knowledge of many forms of technology, such as: phones, tablets, workstations, servers, usb drives, and media. Our certified collection specialists are available anywhere, anytime.

Hosting & Analysis

You've collected it now let us help you store it, analyze it, and produce it. Hosted and onsite options for culling, de-duping, and searching your data.