Expert Witness

Subject Matter Expertise Testimony

Our team can assist in the identification of experts on a variety of technology topics.  In addition, our in-house legal team can assist you in preparing for depositions as well as “translation” of the expert’s reports.

Members of our team have been qualified experts in many topics and may be available to testify.

Subject matter expertise includes, but is not limited to: Exchange, Outlook, Social Media, Microsoft Office Suites, Case Management Systems, Document Management Systems, Accounting Systems, Donation Management Systems, and a variety of industry specific applications.


Expert Collection Testimony

Safe Harbor Discovery  forensic and recovery experts are available to certify affidavits or testify in court.  Expert testimony is also available before Government tribunals and regulators.  All experts are qualified to testify as to the integrity of the process as well as data collected.

We will provide:

  • Documentation as to collection method and validation processes
  • Photograph and detailed description of equipment and media
  • Maintain and explain the chain of custody
  • Defend the data collection method and process
  • Describe in great detail and using layperson or technical terms

Our goal is to prepare your litigation team for both the defense of the recovery method as well as handle the flow of data through the computer forensic analysis process.