Forensic e-Discovery

Parties are at risk of financial loss, adverse rulings, and perhaps jail time for failure to properly protect data during an electronic discovery request. Whether you are producing or acquiring electronic data, the most important aspect is creating a defensible position to prove that your data is pristine.

Safe Harbor Discovery assembles the team of forensic experts to defend the production or the acquisition of electronic data. Our team is so respected in the industry that we are often asked to be the “honest broker” of data between to adverse parties. In these cases, we acquire and produce the data in a forensically sound manner for both parties to use.

The safest discovery strategy begins with your free case assessment. Please contact Safe Harbor Discovery at 410.547.8596 or email us at Inquiry@. Please do not send any confidential information until we provide the appropriate encryption technique.

HR Dismissal & Document Fraud

Bank IT Employee used administrative access to acquire their HR performance review.  Retained to pro
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Insurance Fraud

Two partners allegedly diverted funds from the insurance proceeds for damages sustained by Hurricane
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Bankrupt Non-Profit

Validated and recover lost financial data. All but 29 files of approximately 45,000 files were recov
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Medical Research

Several years of research and reports were lost when the system was mistakenly reformatted.  Safe Ha
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ECPA Violation

One Partner in a business is alleged to have used known credentials to read another partner’s email.
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Trade Secret Theft

Two Key Employees left an organization and took books of business.  Forensic investigation showed th
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Document Fraud

A factoring deal financed one day before scheduled closing, with signed documents exchanged via emai
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Forensic Analysis

Employee was suspected of removing data using an USB thumb drive.  SHD forensic team discovered comp
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Data Recovery

Disgruntled employee deleted entire directory, email, and part of a database.  The deletion was not
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Data Mapping

Large firm required assistance in understanding the locations of possible information subject to an
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Data Mapping & Forensics.

Employee left professional service firm with client documents as well as emails, calendar, and conta
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Drive Replication

Aquired SATA drive and encrypted USB drive.  Imaged to E01 and recovered data from unallocated space
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Litigation Hold

Group within 125 person organization subject to a litigation hold.  Safe Harbor Discovery worked wit
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False Accusation of C.P. Spouse accused husband of use of illegal pornagraphy. Retained to review seized harddrive to discover images were 1) not illegal and 2) placed on the system within a few hours and during a time spouse was working out of the home. Case dismissed. Call us at 410.547.8596 or email us at Inquiry@ for more information.