Blazer Catzen

Blazer Catzen’s Summary

Working in IT since 1986.  Founded Cape Computing in 1991.  Developed expertise in small office system administration and office application automation.  Managed technicians and developers through all phases of design and deployment.  Started working with computer forensics in 2004. Formed Catzen Forensics in 2008.  Catzen Forensic provides forensic data acquisition and analysis for private sector individuals.  Engagements have included Trade secret theft, wrongful dismissal, network intrusion analysis, medical malpractice investigation, bankruptcy investigations, document forgery, Identity theft,  insurance fraud, and numerous data recoveries.

Mr. Catzen’s wholly owned entity Catzen Forensic is Safe Harbor Discovery’s founding affiliate which means that they provide ongoing technical and innovation guidance.  Mr. Catzen also supervises Safe Harbor Discovery collection projects on the East Coast.


Blazer Catzen Specialties:

EnCase Forensic, Database Structures, Office application Automation, MFT analysis, mobile devices analysis, Data and Hard Drive Recovery, Business Continuity Planning.